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Another new webpage...
The lovely Maria has website which i think you should all go and look at!


Stats actually updated!
After not doing it for about 6 months i've managed to collate the stats from #punkz
Total lines written in punkz since i started logging is now about 110,000 which must be at least a novel or two!


New pictures!
I've added pictures from the UKC 2002 graduation
Most of the pics are Maria's that I borrowed and scanned but there are a couple of black and white ones that i took


Yay, I've taken the Mr. Men quiz and I'm Mr Nonsense
What nonsense!
Which mr. men/little miss are you?
take the quiz & find out! :o)


New webpage fun huh...
Word up etc etc, y'all want to be wandering over to see the website goodness that Hendy has (or will have, being as he is a busy man) lined up for you.
Everybody likes a new page, good work on his part getting a website flavoured sort out.


Looking for CoU LAN pics?
Well here ya go, your very own chance to experience the LAN goodness
If you want captions then make a note of the pics URL and mail me
I know some of the pics are a little large for modems, i'm on narrowband at the mo myself :o(

Stroll over to #cultofunreason (it's not cultish or unreasonable, don't worry!) on Quakenet and give us a prod :p


You might have ended up here in a quest for pictures from the UKC summer ball, if so it's your lucky day, point that browser of yours at James' photos or Tim's photos
GG all :)


I figured I'd better point out that I know all the links are dead and that if you want things that work instead of things that are pretty then perhaps you should try the old index which should be ok.
I started this between exams which perhaps was a bit daft of me, nothing else will get done till after they've finished now tho :o) 28/05/2002

Having finished exams a while ago I can't hide behind that excuse anymore, things should mainly work now. Bits that I know don't are the location bar (grey thingums at the top) and the index on the left when you're not on the home page, ah well, something for me to do sometime.


Well i got the first bits sorted last night and now I've got a decent plan of what I want to happen, it's just a question now of working out how to make it happen with valid code! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE, I don't expect this to be some blog type effort but i figured that something needed to go on the front page so the odd bit of waffle wouldn't go amis!


Wooo, I've finally got round to doing what I wanted to and making this site with decent and valid CSS. Thanks to Ben for the *cough*loan*cough* of his style sheet tho hopefully what you're seeing isn't really very much like the original i leeched anyhow.


If you came via then I'm afraid that they are no more. 4g became inactive a while ago. However, if you want to contact forge (KinKy_chicKen, botaK, illah or YoDa) for whatever then either give me a shout or connect to Quakenet and join #punkz where you might be lucky and find a couple of them.